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PVC Casement Windows

The term ‘Casement window’ basically describes a number of ‘casements’ or elements, either fixed or opening, which are assembled in a common frame to form a window. Hinges can be fitted at the top and bottom (side hung) or on the sides (top hung).

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Grades Available

  • Made to measure windows (2-3 weeks lead time for white & stock colours)

  • Pre-made new off the shelf stock windows (A-rated double glazed, 70mm profile, fire escape)

  • Mis-measured new Windows, some even triple glazed

  • Reconditioned & thoroughly cleaned used Windows

  • Used windows with some minor damage (suitable for sheds)

The rather confusing terms ‘side hung’ or ‘top hung’ are more easily understood by visualising the ‘hinge line’ or ‘hinge plane’. By this I mean if you draw a line from the end of one hinge to the end of the other, this line will either be at the top of the window (top hung) or to the side of the window (side hung).

We stock hundreds of used windows at any one time, stock is constantly rotating so its first come first served. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold any item.

Many different grades available depending on age condition and the amount of parts that were replaced. These factors affect the prices and usually no two windows are the same price so it is important to book an appointment and our sales reps who are familiar with the ever-changing stock can guide you to the window that suits your requirements.

In the unlikely event that we don’t have a window reasonably close to your size, we offer a competitively priced Made-to-Measure service also.

Please remember to bring your door/opening measurements (preferably in mm) including the frame with you. Our guide to measuring your door is here.


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