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PVC Sliding Doors

Stock new uPVC Sliding Doors, 1800 x 2100, 2000 x 2100, 2500 x 2100 & 3000 x 2100 available, ready to go, off the shelf.


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The sliding patio door is another great solution for connecting the house to the garden and allows a large amount of light to enter the living space. One of the major advantages of sliding doors is that they are not susceptible to damage from wind, compared to an opening out hinged door.

  • Sliding Doors White: (Premium adds stronger 110mm frame)

                                               Regular  or  Premium

  • 1800w x 2100h:  €1330  or – – –   (just regular grade available in this size)
  • 2000w x 2100h:  €1400 or €1480
  • 2500w x 2100h:  €1550 or €1830
  • 3000w x 2100h:  €1930 or €2250
  • Sliding Doors Charcoal Grey (White inside): (Premium adds stronger 110mm frame)
  • 2000w x 2100h:   – – – or €1920 (Premium only)
  • 2500w x 2100h:   – – – or €2340 (Premium only)
  • 3000w x 2100h:   – – – or €2890 (Premium only)

(Charcoal Grey also called Anthracite grey RAL7016)

Please remember to bring your door/opening measurements (preferably in mm) including the frame with you. Our guide to measuring your door is here.