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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We work a strict viewing by appointment system. As we have such a large stock people are quiet often a bit spoiled for choice and find it difficult to make a decision, so needed to be guided through all the different grades and prices of the stock.

Also, if three people turn up together for a houseful of windows it is impossible to give everyone enough time. Additionally, we are not always at the premises as we have to collect stock whenever it becomes available, so that day can vary each week. Call 087-3385114 for an appointment.

Do you deliver?

We can recommend local delivery men that will deliver to wherever you are at extra cost. However small windows & all single doors will fit in the boot of 95% of cars if you can let your back seats down. We have cardboard to protect the car & rope to tie down the boot. For bigger items if you can borrow a van or small trailer you will have no problem carrying a French door or sliding door home, thus avoiding extra charges.

Do you have a window 1200mm x 6ft 3 inches?

The industry norm for measurement in window and door manufacture in millimetres. Also, the width is first, then the height.

Eg. 1905mm wide x 1200mm high.

Do you have a window 1905mm x 1200mm?

The stock changes hourly so it is impossible to pick out something for someone over the phone. This is further complicated by the fact that there are so many different styles and quality grades of the above sized window. The customer needs to book an appointment and come in person.

Do you call out and measure up for windows & doors?

In an attempt to keep prices as low as possible customers bring the sizes to us in mm. Width x height.

Can I come for a look?

The salesman’s time is very limited dealing with house owners and builders who need to get windows and doors to site quickly for block layers. If you don’t know you’re size it is a waste of everyone’s time visiting. Also, the decision maker (bill payer usually) needs to be present. Time& time again we see how impossible it is to buy a window or door for someone else.

How can I pay?

We accept Credit & Debit cards & cash. Unfortunately, cheques are not accepted. We can also take deposit payments over the phone.