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Stock New Windows (White PVC)
Stock New Doors (White & Charcoal Grey)
Regular grade vs Premium grade
(Regular: Square frame & square hinges)
(Premium: Sculptured frame and modern hinges)

Viewing Strictly by Appointment 

(Monday – Friday during business hours – Limerick)

Currently we are only offering a click and collect service for our NEW premade stock items listed below. Buy on the phone and collect after.

  • Authorised distributors of Palladio Composite Doors:   Incredible security, warmth & beauty combined in this market leading premium high security door. A real statement at the front of your house. U-values as low as 0.85 W/m2K. Design your door here…

      Palladio Composite Door Designer (click here)

  • New popular sized PVC Window & Doors available off the shelf:  For those who can’t wait 8 weeks for a made to measure service, don’t worry we carry a large stock pre-made. Double glazed, low-E Pilkington KS glass.

Two specifications of most items:

Regular with square hinges & 5 point locking.

Premium with modern curved hinges & sculptured frame design. 

  • Back Doors White: (1/2 glass & 1/2 panel) (Clear or frosted glass)

                                   Regular or Premium

  • 900w X 2100h:  €500  or – – –   Flat panel (just regular grade available in flat panel)
  • 900w X 2100h:  €550 or €600  Double raised georgian panel in the bottom half
  • French Doors White: (Premium also adds 7 point locking)

                                       Regular  or  Premium

  • 1500w X 2100h:  €900 or €1000
  • 1800w X 2100h:  €950 or €1050
  • French Doors Charcoal Grey (White inside): (Premium also adds 7 point locking)
  • 1500w X 2100h: – – – or €1350 (Premium only)
  • 1800w X 2100h: – – – or €1400 (Premium only)

Charcoal Grey also called Anthracite grey RAL7016)

  • Sliding Doors White: (Premium adds stronger 110mm frame)

                                          Regular  or  Premium

  • 1800w x 2100h:  €1050  or – – –   (just regular grade available in this size)
  • 2000w x 2100h:  €1100 or €1200

  • 2500w x 2100h:  €1400 or €1500

  • 3000w x 2100h:  €1650 or €1850

  • Sliding Doors Charcoal Grey (White inside): (Premium adds stronger 110mm frame)
  • 2000w x 2100h:   – – – or €1550 (Premium only)
  • 2500w x 2100h:   – – – or €1850 (Premium only)
  • 3000w x 2100h:   – – – or €2200 (Premium only)

Charcoal Grey also called Anthracite grey RAL7016) 

  • Front Doors White:

  • 1000w X 2100h:  €850

  • Front Doors Black (White inside):

  • 1000w X 2100h:  €1100

Front Doors Charcoal Grey (White inside):   

  • 1000w X 2100h:  €1200

(Charcoal Grey also called Anthracite grey RAL7016) 

  • Windows White:  (Fire escape (egress) hinges as standard)

  • Side opening 1800w X 1200h: €360
  • Side opening 1500w X 1200h: €320
  • Side opening 1200w X 1200h: €280
  • Side opening  900w X 1200h: €260
  • Kitchen Windows White:  (Lower height due to worktop and splashback raising the height of the cill)

  • Side opening 1800w X 1065h: €340
  • Side opening 1500w X 1065h: €300
  • Side opening 1200w X 1065h: €260
  • Bathroom Windows White: (frosted or clear glass)

  • Top opening 900w X 1200h:  €260 frosted glass

  • Top opening 600w X 1200h:  €230 frosted glass

  • Top opening 600w X   900h:  €210 frosted glass
  • Top opening 900w X 1200h:  €250 clear

  • Top opening 600w X 1200h:  €220 clear

  • Top opening 600w X   900h:  €200 clear

(Prices for new items include VAT @ 23%. VAT invoices issued)


  • Made-to-measure PVC Windows & Doors:   Manufactured in a 16 million euro robotised plant to your size & design. Windows or doors not in the list above are available to order with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. Various colours with double or triple glazing available. Low-E, A-rated, U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K. Manufacturing since 1983.


  • Colors available: White, Oak, Mahogany, Rosewood, Black, Cream, Red, Green, Blue, Charcoal/Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Silver Grey. All colour samples in stock to view in the flesh.


  • Stock changes continously. Phone for a viewing appointment.


  • In order to make the most of your visit it is best to bring your measurements with you. (in mm in this order, width x height) It will save you a return visit. Coming with no measurements is like going to buy a pair of jeans without knowing your waist size or leg length.